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Website Questions

Does Pish Posh offer hosting?
Pish Posh offers full service hosting at a competitive rate. Our hosting includes free email set-up, monthly stats, and superior support.

What is hosting?
When a website is built, files are generated and must be saved somewhere. A website host provides the server on which your website files live and are thereby accessible to the internet public. All websites require hosting.

What if I already have hosting?
If you already have hosting, we can build your website on your existing hosting. However, some hosts have limited abilities with regards to blogs and blogging software.

I already have a website, but it needs a facelift.
If your website is incomplete, outdated, or in need of an overhaul, we can develop a new design that will meet your current needs. If your website only needs minor changes, we offer reduced pricing.

Can I start with a small website and have it grow as my business grows?
If you would like to start small, but have intentions of growing your website as your business grows, we will design a website that is built for expansion. This way, as the website grows, the design style and site organization is nicely maintained and does not grow haphazardly.

Does Pish Posh make Flash websites?
In some cases we use Flash components to meet specific needs for our clients. Overall, we believe that using html web standards is a better strategy for building a successful website.

How long will it take to make a website?
Naturally the time frame for your new website will depend on the type and functionality included. Some basic websites can be completed as quickly as two weeks. Larger, more complex websites can take up to 5 or 6 weeks. When you receive your web proposal, it will include an estimated time frame for your project.

Who owns the website when it is completed?
After the project has been paid in full, the client owns the website, though Pish Posh retains the right to use the site for promotional purposes, such as our web portfolio. For more information about ownership, please review our terms and conditions.

How much does a website cost?
Pricing depends greatly on the scope of the project. Give us a call and tell us about your ideas. Once we have a general idea of what sort of website you want, we can give an estimate over the phone. In most cases, we offer reduced rates for non-profits and solopreneurs.

Can I make changes to the website myself?
If you are interested in maintaining your website on your own, we offer content-management websites that will let you do just that. After the site is built, you will be trained on the system and we remain available to you for additional support should you need it. Learn more about content-management websites on the
web design page.

Logo Design Questions

How long will it take to design a logo?
After an initial conversation about your business and design objectives, we will begin designing logo options for you. This process generally takes about a week. After the initial design concepts are made, the revision process can take additional time.

When the logo is finished, how will it be delivered to me?
We will provide you with a copy of your logo in eps, jpg, and pdf formats. If you should need an additional format, just let us know.

Who owns the final logo design?
Once the logo design is complete and the final invoice is paid in full, you own the logo, but Pish Posh reserves the right to use the image in promotional materials, such as our on-line portfolio. For more information about ownership, please read our
terms & conditions page.

I have a logo, but it needs a facelift.
If your logo is outdated or no longer represents your business properly, we'll design a new logo that retains what is valuable from the existing logo (if needed) while helping you achieve a new image for your brand.

Advertising Design Questions

How can I make a big impact with a little ad space?
In general, we advise against small ad spaces, because they usually don’t draw enough attention to warrant the cost, especially if your ad will be printed amongst a sea of small ads. However, if you have a small space and need to make the most of it, keep it simple! With a strong contrast (i.e. white on black) and a simple message, you might just stand out on the page and generate interest.

What is the best venue for my advertisement?
Newspapers work best for targeting a client that is already in need of your product or service and is likely to move on this purchase today or in the very near future.

Magazines offer you a chance to target a more specific market. Although they are more costly, your ad will often include full color and consumers retain the publication for longer periods of time.

Direct Mail
may be the most cost-effective form of advertising, but it also requires the most preparation. Once you have your mailing list and a well-designed mailer, make sure to send your mailer out at least three times to achieve the best impact quotient.

Brochure Design Questions

I want a brochure for my business, but don't know what to include?
In most cases, one wants to be weary of including too much text. Typical inclusions are your list of services or products, your specialization, information about your history or mission, and contact information. *Remember that it is always a good idea to research your competition and adapt features that you admire in their collateral.

Do I need professional photography for my brochure?
Professional photography is an enormous asset to any marketing campaign. However, if you have photos that are not poor quality, we may be able to enhance them so that they will work nicely in your brochure.

If you have a service business, we can also assist you in the acquisition of affordable stock photography that will help you to professionally represent your business.

How long will it take to get my brochure?
The design process for a brochure generally takes about two weeks, though it can take longer depending on the amount of revisions that are requested by the client. Once the design is complete, the printing and shipping process generally take about 10 days.

If you have an important deadline, such as a trade show, please make us aware of this deadline so we can plan accordingly.

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